It’s the little things…

This weekend I got to help out a friend that was dreading the idea of having to update a chalkboard and to me they were actually two hours of the most fun I’ve had this week, here’s the result:


Glad to say, everyone was really happy with the result, and while I believe I can do better, this was my first time playing around with chalk like this since I was in my early teens #Sograteful

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Today I got to call my aunt who’s back in my home country, and just learned that she graduated college at the age of 60, because she didn’t have the resources to study prior to that, but she really wanted to. Keep pursuing your dreams guys, it’s never too late, believe in what you want 💚✨

Image sizing_sparkle

Image by me btw 🙂 if you click the image it will take you to my shop were you can find this print available ❤