“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.” -Doris Lessing

Best advice I’ve had this week ♥


• The other side of things •

I was recently discussing one of my biggest irrational fears with a new found friend, hint, this fear is an animal, a pretty harmless one actually. He asked me to picture my favorite animal and I did, an Elephant, I placed in front of me to my right side without realizing it at the moment. Then he asked me to picture the one I don’t like, but very small, I did and unconsciously it was on the left side, he asked me about where had I placed each one of them and that is when I realized it, what felt bad went on the left for some reason, right there along with the faded sepia hues and yellow lonely tones. He asked if I could move that animal to the right along with my Elephant and I did and it got better, now I try to picture them together, so it’s not so scary, especially because the Elephant is considerably bigger, so it feels nice. Not saying my fear has completely gone away, but it’s definitely better.

Today I was thinking of a different friend, that I care deeply about, I had feelings for him for a while, which felt complicated for a second, but that’s finally gone although I’m away from home and we’ve felt out of touch for the past few months. Things in my head about him were starting to feel yellow and then gray and suddenly when I caught myself overthinking, I realized I had him on the left, when all of my other friends were on the right, I cut them a lot of slack sometimes, why not him too? Friendship is one of the most important things in my life and if I want to truly be friends I gotta chill a bit and be fair, maybe we’ve felt out of touch a bit, but that’s probably okay for a while, life is a roller coaster anyways and things change every second, so now that I’ve moved him to the right, maybe things can start chilling down and the sun may rise again soon on that subject ♥

(Also the picture is from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, taken by me)

“All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust” – We have trust and to me, we are born with pixie dust, but what about faith?

Sometimes we forget that when we truly believe and know, good things are going to come, there is no way they won’t.

I learnt an important phrase recently, from an Argentinean Disney Channel show (as I’ve always been a sucker for both tbh) “Cuando un sueño es real solo hay alas”, meaning, “When a dream is real, you’ve only got wings”. Believe in your dreams, whatever they are, let them grow and expand and don’t let anything get in the way, if you do, re-route. Stay true to yourself, the reward is amazing. Expect good things, but truly expect them, and with a little time, they shall come ♥

Oh, and no darling, you are never too old for Disney, or for anything that truly resonates with your soul.